All in a name in downeast Maine


While every detail of a yacht is important, the crowning touch is always the name. At Renee Grafix in Downeast Maine, owner Renee K Trust has earned a reputation as a custom artist who helps owners graphically convey their passion for the finest yachts.

In today’s age of technology and despite the advent of vinyl graphics, a few artists still practice the old-fashioned art of hand lettering with gold leaf and brush—and Renee is one of them. Working closely with the customer or representative, Renee takes the time to get the name just right and to satisfy each customer’s needs.

Nothing makes a statement like the age-old tradition of 24-karat gold, whether it is burnished plain, engine turned, or manipulated to look as if it were carved into the transom.

Another painting technique quickly gaining in popularity is her faux wood graining. She turns masts, port light rings, and even complete transoms into something virtually indistinguishable from real wood.

This commitment to excellence, be it working on a superyacht, daysailer, fishing boat, or finely crafted rowboat, is what has helped Renee Grafix become a go-to source for top-quality lettering and finishes on the New England coast.

Making magic with paint